The end of Summer, it's always too short

August 2011Posted by Skypilot

Josh and Olivia are back from all the camps, and only one cast came home this time. The storm trooper is finished, action photos to follow. Kayaking and day trips finished off most of the last few weeks then Irene canceled the first day of school, not a good omen for the start of the school year. but a great chance to take photos and have  guests since half the town has no power, actually half the state has none but whos counting.

On the up side I have changed the format for the web pages such that images are now 600 pixels wide. That's geek speak for you get bigger pictures like these!

Liv and the Baluga

The bird cage

Josh's cast

stormtrooper done


Farmington River after Irene

the damm at the Collinsville Axe Factory

Dance, Camp, Bike and Quadwords for summer

July 2011Posted by Skypilot

Josh is working at camp being a kid rancher again.. He basicaly spends his time getting them to the watering hole, the feeding grounds and chasing down strays. Liv is  dancing at her summer dance camp for  4 weeks after which she will get her own rancher for a few weeks . In the mean time the councelor is councelinig at her normal furious rate and my IT job isnt giving me any breaks. Doesn't leave much time to go do stupid things on the bike!

On the up side a freind gave us an old  Hong Kong Fuee brand Quad that I am fixing and Josh is pimping out like a storm trooper.  Some glass work has gone into fixing the pastic and the last coat of satin black went on tonight. The kid definately has an eye for what things will look liek in the end.

Storm Trooper quad. nose view
storm trooper quad, side view

I am a slacker, this web site should be done by now

June 2011Posted by Skypilot

Sorry folks. I know I am being a slacker but I just dont get the time to write that I used to. I hope to get all the additional files up soon

The Roaming Rall 2011  I should have rode a kayak!

April 2011Posted by Skypilot

The Roaming Rally in Ottawa was the best rally I have ever riden in.  I made some new freinds and got to ride with some old friends, all while honing my skills in not drowning. The rain that has plagued the mid west did not miss Ontario. There was a great deal of water every where on the 500 mile course and a lot of bikes were drowned or otherwise pummeled by the difficult terrain.  I will try to get a good ride report into the archives soon  but for now you can view some of these videos others in the ride posed by following the links below

Rudy and I in Syracuse on the way to Ottawa

My photos are always at